Monday, August 31, 2009


Bigfoot legends around the Sedona/Verde Valley area go back over a hundred years. Basque sheepherders would not drive their sheep through 33 mile long Sycamore Canyon to summer pasture on the 12,000 foot San Francisco Peaks near Flagstaff because of "the Giant Hairy Men" that lived in Sycamore Canyon. This was in the 1800's. One story has it that a Basque went into Sycamore with his sheep and was never seen again.
This is not likely just simply folklore because there have been a number of rather recent Bigfoot encounters in this general area. There was a rash of close-up Bigfoot incidents in the Payson area about ten years ago. Payson is 60 miles from Sedona and is at 7,000 feet on the Colorado Plateau.
There are many abandoned mine shafts near Payson and a lot of them are not vertical, but go horizontally into the mountains.
Same with Jerome 20 miles from Sedona. In the last couple of years there have been a least two incidences where a Bigfoot was standing at the side of the highway and just seemed to be enjoying watching cars going by. This was on highway 89A on the switchbacks going up Mingus Mountain. The road here has almost vertical cliffs at the sides so drivers were too busy keeping their cars on the road to stop. In both cases the Bigfoot was less than ten feet from the witness.


About the middle of May, 2008, there was another report of a person being stopped at gunpoint on Secret Mountain (its actually a mesa.) Over the years since about 1987 there have been dozens of incidents in different canyon locations where hikers were stopped by military types with machine guns. Eight out of ten incidences happened in Secret Canyon or were near Secret Canyon. These goons in every case were dressed in current U.S. military uniforms.
The uniforms never have any insignia on them.
The hikers are always told that there are military maneuvers going on ahead and they are to turn around and leave the area - pronto. Several times it came very close to the hiker almost being shot because the hiker refused saying, " This is a national forest and I am going to go where I want to go. "
Before this one, there has not been a gunpoint incident here that I know of in the last ten years. Whatever is back there in the canyons seemed to go dormant or had gone underground. Then last year a young hiker in a very remote part of Secret Mountain ran into seven uniformed men and was stopped at gunpoint and was told to hustle back the way he came. They even made him erase his tracks as he went. The really strange thing about this incident is that the uniformed men were all wearing masks. To me, this means that they must have been aliens and did not want the young man to see their faces. There is a lot of evidence to point to that whatever is going on back there in the canyons it is a joint U.S. military/Extraterrestrial operation. Both ET's and U.S. military have been seen in close proximity in the vicinity of the ten canyons since these reports started about 1987.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


This type of Orb photo is rare and I think beautiful. Taken on a Tom Dongo UFO and Orb tour June 2009

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


About 2007 these super bright objects began to show up on flash digital camera shots. I don't think they are related to Orbs, but are some thing else. They can often be small marble-sized lights or they can infrequently be as large as this one. Hundreds of Orbs can appear on one photo but I have never seen a photo where more than four or five of these little lights were in evidence.


This photo was taken by a New York surgeon on a Tom Dongo UFO and Orb tour in the spring of 2009. I have no idea what(or who) it is -- but it was there in front of his camera.



I had another interesting evening recently on a UFO/Orb tour. This stunning Orb photo was taken that night. It is not dust, rain or snow, nor is it a defect of the camera or a particle of some sort stuck on the camera lens.

When we took random flash photos that night fascinating objects began to show up. They were about the size of soft balls and were a bright white color. Some were moving fast and some were stationary. The really unusual part of this is that the camera flash would light them up and the objects could be clearly be seen by the eye but not recorded on the camera. Its usually the other way around.

I am not sure if the soft balls were Orbs or not but it freaked out one of the people on the tour so much that he said " We are getting out of here now!" This has happened before, recently.

I was having a great time and to me they were just fascinating. But... another night.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


After a night of intense UFO and Orb activity on a Tom Dongo UFO and Orb tour this fire broke out immediately after -- about midnight. The fire was several miles away from the UFO site and quickly grew to 3000 acres. Maybe a connection, maybe not but very strange just the same.

Strange Creature

This creature was photographed on a Tom Dongo UFO/Orb tour on August 14, 09,

It is about six inches long and is not a tarantula spider. The size is easy to estimate as it is crossing a dirt road. An Orb was photographed with the object, the Orb was about six feet away.