Thursday, July 23, 2009

Very Strange Lights

On a ufo tour with an Australian couple in mid July,09, we had a rather strange encounter.

In the distance we thought we were looking at a car's headlights but things got stranger as we continued to watch the lights.

For one thing the lights were far too bright for car or truck headlights. also it was painful to look at the lights with binoculars -- not usually the case.

The next thing that occurred was that the bright white light blinked out and was replaced by a large revolving red/orange light which resembled an old revolving police light. From a half mile away the red/orange light seemed huge -- maybe five feet high it seemed.

Then that vanished suddenly and was replaced by what looked like a campfire. While I was trying to figure out if it was indeed a simple campfire THAT suddenly disappeared and the bright white light came back on.

We photographed the white light with three different digital cameras and in each case the light was a strange red light when developed on each of the cameras. White light photographed by a digital camera always comes out white. So, that leaves the question, what, really, was the object?

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Silver Snakes

At the end of June my wife, Cynthia and I took a two day trip to the Hopi Indian Reservation and had some interesting experiences, one of which was at the Hopi Cultural Center restaurant. We were waited on by a young Navajo man who was living nearby. When he came over to wait on us, Cynthia asked him if there had been any ufo activity in the area.

When you ask a question like that you never know what sort of response you are going to get. I have had some very interesting experiences in the past. So, surprisingly, he turned out to be an avid ufo buff and really perked up at the question.

He replied, "No, there was no ufo activity going on that he knew of."

However, he added something that got my attention. He said that several months before, a man was staying near the reservation and he was doing research on Silver Snakes and was interviewing people on the Rez.

"Silver Snakes," I asked?

In all my years of dealing with the subject of the paranormal, I had never heard the term Silver Snakes. Because the unknown researcher had left for South Africa, I could not speak to him in person.

I left my business card with the Navajo waiter and asked if the researcher ever returned, would he let me know.

I think Silver Snakes is different from the research Trevor Constable did at the turn of the century on Sky Snakes. Sky Snakes were visible in the sky for several years -- whatever they really were.

So --- stay tuned.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Ufo Encounter

On July 7, 2009, we were coming back from a ufo tour at 11: 30 at night and we had a ufo fly silently a hundred feet over the top of my van. There were six witnesses in the car.
The drawing you see on this page is approximately what it looked like.
I managed to take 30 seconds of video as the craft flew to the south which gained about a thousand feet in altitude and then settled straight down, then went behind a ridge about a half mile away and disappeared.
This was on of the most dramatic ufo sightings in this area in years. I believe the strange craft landed behind the ridge as we waited about twenty more minutes and it did not reappear.
As an interesting footnote to this, two of the people on the tour, Wade and his wife Julie, were also on tour with me two times before. On each of of those three nights that Wade and Julie were on the tour, spread over ten years, were the nights when I had the most incredible ufo sightings of all the tours combined.
Must be something special about those two people from Florida.
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Monday, July 13, 2009


This object was photographed on a July 2009 Tom Dongo Orb and UFO tour by a client on the tour.
We have seen many easily explainable things show up on night photos, such as rain, dust or particularly bugs. Bugs, especially big ones can look like flying snow white aliens. People send me photos that they had taken at night with a phenomenally strange object in it. Its often a bug and I have to tell them politely that it just a bug or bugs. But this photo is not a bug. I have seen about ten of this sort of thing now and I don't know what they are. They don't fit into any usual catagory.

Two bright red orbs, Sedona, Arizona

These orbs are highly unusual because of the bright red color they radiate.

Many unusual shapes, sizes and colors appear during Tom Dongo's custom UFO and skywatch tours, Sedona, Arizona.