Thursday, July 23, 2009

Very Strange Lights

On a ufo tour with an Australian couple in mid July,09, we had a rather strange encounter.

In the distance we thought we were looking at a car's headlights but things got stranger as we continued to watch the lights.

For one thing the lights were far too bright for car or truck headlights. also it was painful to look at the lights with binoculars -- not usually the case.

The next thing that occurred was that the bright white light blinked out and was replaced by a large revolving red/orange light which resembled an old revolving police light. From a half mile away the red/orange light seemed huge -- maybe five feet high it seemed.

Then that vanished suddenly and was replaced by what looked like a campfire. While I was trying to figure out if it was indeed a simple campfire THAT suddenly disappeared and the bright white light came back on.

We photographed the white light with three different digital cameras and in each case the light was a strange red light when developed on each of the cameras. White light photographed by a digital camera always comes out white. So, that leaves the question, what, really, was the object?

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