Monday, July 20, 2009

Ufo Encounter

On July 7, 2009, we were coming back from a ufo tour at 11: 30 at night and we had a ufo fly silently a hundred feet over the top of my van. There were six witnesses in the car.
The drawing you see on this page is approximately what it looked like.
I managed to take 30 seconds of video as the craft flew to the south which gained about a thousand feet in altitude and then settled straight down, then went behind a ridge about a half mile away and disappeared.
This was on of the most dramatic ufo sightings in this area in years. I believe the strange craft landed behind the ridge as we waited about twenty more minutes and it did not reappear.
As an interesting footnote to this, two of the people on the tour, Wade and his wife Julie, were also on tour with me two times before. On each of of those three nights that Wade and Julie were on the tour, spread over ten years, were the nights when I had the most incredible ufo sightings of all the tours combined.
Must be something special about those two people from Florida.
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