Sunday, September 27, 2009


I had a meeting a few days ago with several visiting world class ufo researchers to discuss business and these two photographs came up. The one with the girl in it with the red rock background is now a famous photo. It often comes up in conversations. It was taken with a 35 mm camera long before photoshop. It is not a hoaxed photo. It has been looked at by some of the worlds best photography experts and they are baffled by it. Light leaks in the camera or the developing machine were ruled out early on.

The disc shaped object photo was given to me by a retired military officer. It was taken off Catalina Island near Los Angeles about 1963 and soon after it was taken the FBI raided the man's house who took the photo(s). the FBI confiscated anything the man owned pertaining to photography and he never got any of his equipment or photos back. This is a copy of one of the photos he took and the other photo was never seen again. To the public anyway.

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