Saturday, February 6, 2010


I have wondered for many years, why do I have so many encounters like this one. I have six books full of these sorts of things. Most were witnessed by other people as the incident occurred.
Recently, to make a long story shorter, I was hiking with a friend near Sedona in an obscure area that is rarely visited by hikers. Flagstaff, at 7,000 ft, had just had 80 inches of snow and the melting runoff at lower elevations was way above average. Most of the normally dry creeks were now raging rivers from the snow melt.
We were looking for a 1000 year old Sinagua Indian petroglyph site. Hot, sweaty and confused I was standing on the rim of the gorge looking 100 feet down at he torrent of water trying to remember how to find the site. I looked up and walking towards us about a hundred yards away was a tall, thin, attractive blond haired woman. She was wearing bright red pants and a bulky white wool sweater. She was not wearing a hat. I looked for her dog. Almost always woman hiking in out-of-the-way areas will have a big dog with them. No dog.
"What in the hell is she doing out here?!" I remarked to my friend.
Where the ground had not dried yet there was three or four inches of grease like mud.
The blond woman had on low street type shoes.
The pretty blond woman walked up to us. She said a few words I could not hear because she spoke so softly. She stopped speaking and I said, somewhat impatiently."Do you know where the petroglyphs are?" Again she spoke so softly I could not hear her. Before I could think of anything to say she began to walk over to the rim of the cliff above the creek. The woman's face was completely expressionless as she spoke. Very odd. I remember thinking.
She pointed to a slot in the cliff. I could see that it was the old, now almost abandoned trail down to the petroglyphs. We had earlier walked right by it. We both thanked her and started down the nearly vertical trail.
We made our way to the bottom. Upon arriving, there was the 1000 year old rock art we had been seeking. The water was roaring so loud it was hard to talk to and hear my companion ten feet away.
I shot several dozen photos of the rock art. I turned and was startled because the tall blond woman was standing right behind me. I had not seen her come down the steep trail. Not strange, I thought, because the water was so loud and I was totally preoccupied with photographing the petroglyphs.
I glanced up at the precipitous, rocky trail wondering how she got down here so fast. She showed no signs of exertion.
She began speaking softly again and as close as I was I could not hear what she was saying. I caught a couple words and knew that it had something to do with the Sinagua rock art. She was quite pretty and I was somewhat mesmerized and confused by her totally expressionless face. I stood there trying to think of something to say. My hiking friend called to me and I shouted back and forth with her for not more than two or three minutes. I turned back to the strange blond woman and she was gone. I walked over and looked up the trail and she was nowhere in sight. I was again puzzled and perplexed. Not once did it occur to me, of all people, that she might have been an extraterrestrial. If you read my books this sort of thing has happened to me, and other people I know, before.
All I can say time I WILL be ready, no matter what diversions are going on around me.

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  1. Tom, we took out a guy, probably a month or two ago, and he shared a similar story... only it was out at Cathedral. She didn't talk, appeared and disappeared, even had on clothes that struck him as unusual. He was hiking as high up the rock as he could when he suddenly noticed her standing nearby looking at him. - Todd