Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I had a paranormal experience a few days ago I have to include here for educational purposes.
If you read my books you will see the almost unbelievable experiences I have had since I have been living in Sedona. I am not making these stories up -- as there were usually other witnesses there at the time besides myself who saw the same thing I did.
So,..... I stepped out my front door at 5;50 am and walked out to the street to breath some cool, early fall fresh air and look at the stars.
It was still dark but the neighbor's house down the street was lit up slightly from a light source which I could not see.
The creature saw me at exactly the same time I saw him. He/it was a well defined human shaped dark shadow on the open wall of the yellow house. It turned towards me, crouched down a bit and then ran away at a phenomenal speed. This all happened in less than three seconds.
Shadow people or something else -- who knows!

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  1. I had the same experience when I was sitting outside on my porch. It was probably around 3 a.m. last July and I was focusing on a certain area trying to open up my senses to whatever might be around. There is an apartment complex next door and I was looking in the direction of the parking garage. I saw a dark shadow figure that looked male and tall and my heart started to beat real fast then I told myself to calm down so I didn't lose sight of this being. He or "it" took off running to a patch of woods that was out of the light. He ran super fast. I know I wasn't seeing things. I remember his form while running..he hunched his shoulders a little and his legs moved so fast they blended together. I was super pumped. At the moment I saw him I was focusing and re-focusing my eyes. Making things blend together and then I saw that he didn't match the rest of the surroundings. They must sense when we see them. A being from another dimension doing some exploring? Maybe we appear that way to them when we dip into their dimensions whether by accident or on purpose.