Friday, November 6, 2009


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  1. Tom Dongo, I am just about finished with your book, Mysterious Sedona. I just read about Binky's miraculous coming back from the dead after being hit by a car. I've also mentioned in other comments to you that I have had a history of paranormal and unexplained happenings. Some that I've never told anyone. I have a similar story to the Binky story, and I won't blog about it, but I guess I'll add it here, since I don't see a way to send a private message to you.

    Many years ago, I was babysitting for a little boy. I put him in his stroller and took him for a walk. The family lived in the suburbs, and our walk was on side roads, (as opposed to busy main roads). I sadly watched two squirrels, who had been rousting together, get hit by a car. One of them was flattened. The other was still barely alive, and was flipping its tail. I didn't know what to do. I didn't have a cell phone in those days. I hated to see it suffering. I stood there for about 5 minutes, asking Spirit to help, wondering if there was anything I could do. (I'm a big animal lover and have rescued many).

    Then, I saw a school bus coming up the road. I was hoping, (sadly) that the bus would run over the squirrel, and put it out of its misery. I stood there, hoping. The school bus did, indeed, run it over, and the tires went around the squirrel that had been previously flattened. Then, just after the bus passed, the bus hit a pot hole, and there was a loud noise.

    Just as the loud noise happened, the previous flattened squirrel (not the one that was still alive flipping its tail, but the other one), jumped up, looking full again, and it ran into the low brush along the creek, across the road. I watched the entire thing happen. I was stunned, and couldn't make sense out of it. How could any logical person wrap their head around that?

    How could I ever tell anyone else this, in my past? It seems that I was the only one who saw it. Who would believe me? Then I read your Binky story. :) So, now, you and the readers of your blog have heard my squirrel story.

    Yes, there are things in this wonderful world that are beyond what we can reason with the rational mind!

    Love your books, and have two more on order.