Saturday, March 27, 2010


I haven't read it -- but the report was just read to me over the phone. On July 10, 2009 an ultra paranormal event occurred in uptown Sedona. This report was read to me from the 2009 Mufon Journal.
If you read the book, Merging Dimensions, written by myself and Linda Bradshaw there is the story about a human like creature we saw on the Bradshaw Ranch in 1993. The creature was about 5'8," and every part of the humanoid being was a light brown color; Skin, shoes, clothes and all. We did not see its face as it ran diagonally away from us. There were three of there at the time and we got a very good look at the being.
It seems that it is the exact same type creature that was seen running in broad daylight in uptown Sedona. There are usually a lot of people in uptown, so no doubt a number of shoppers saw the creature. The man that filed the report said that in no way was this creature human. It ran through uptown and then across a back parking lot of a motel. He said no human could run as fast as this creature did. The creature stopped in the parking lot and for a few moments was eyeball to eyeball with the man that filed the report. He said its eyes were larger than a human's and were as black as coal. The creature then ran off and disappeared in seconds.

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