Thursday, April 1, 2010


On march 27, 2010 I had a night UFO tour. I have a green laser pointer that is 5000 times more powerful than a standard red laser pointer. I had recently put two new, expensive lithium AA batteries in it. That night I brought the laser out near the end of our tour. UFOs and visible Orb Lights do not like powerful lasers. Usually after a few seconds they will blink out or zoom away at fantastic speeds. On the Internet you can now buy green( and blue) lasers that are a hundred times more powerful than the one I have.
Even physical, solid UFO ships don't like these lasers. So I do not over do it.
A UFO blinked on about five miles away and was sitting about a quarter of a mile above the ground surface. I focused the green laser on it and held it there. They play games with me I play games with them -- sometimes.
While holding the green laser on the sun bright light I remarked to my guest, a lawyer, that UFOs often don't like these things. Just as I said that the laser dropped in power about 90%. I attributed it to bad batteries and put the laser back in my van. The UFO blinked out a minute or so later.
When I got home I tried the laser and it worked perfectly. The batteries showed full power on the tester.

As an 2012 update to this story I now train green lasers regularly on anomalous objects.
I once had all batteries in my cameras go dead and two expensive greens lasers burn out as soon as I turned them while focused on a UFO.  Point made is that it DOES get their attention.

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